Angel investors include Kevin Scott, Chung-Man Tam, Keith Coleman, Garrick Toubassi, Tikhon Bernstam, Michael Levit, Benjamin Ling, and Paul Buchheit.


Gabor Cselle

Before founding Namo Media, Gabor was a product manager at Google, where he worked on Google Now, Android, and Gmail. His previous company, reMail, was acquired by Google in 2010. Gabor recently proved his no-speed-limit German driving skills when he took first prize in a highly competitive team go-kart outing. He will choose the Four Seasons over a tent any day.

Tural Badirkhanli

A co-founder of Namo Media, Tural was formerly at AdMob and Google working on mobile display ads targeting. Tural was the first Azerbaijani undergrad at MIT, where he worked at CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab) and earned a Masters of Engineering in EECS. In his free time, Tural likes to play soccer and drive fast, and it’s not uncommon to hear people say things like "I want to [go skiing] with Tural—I bet he’s crazy."


Nassar is a co-founder at Namo Media. He was previously at Google, where he worked on Google Wallet, Gmail, Google Calendar, and the Android Play Store. When Nassar was 13, he wrote a QBasic app to help him decide between a career as a musician, circus clown, wind surfer, or physics teacher. While he sometimes still imagines that he can do all those things, he is most at home when he is solving problems and writing code.


Before joining Namo Media, Joe worked on internet infrastructure at Google and on giant laser beams at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His favorite programming language is LOGO, but he thinks Javascript is pretty okay, too. In his off time, Joe likes to bike around town and take photos of old and abandoned buildings.

Steven Comfort

For the past 15 years, Steven has been a startup exec at several leading ad-tech companies, including Wired Digital, 24/7 Media, eGroups (now Y!Groups) and YuMe. When he's not with his family, you're likely to find Steven at a San Francisco Giants game or visiting a local winery or wine shop.

Courtney Chase

Courtney previously led UX at Hearsay Social and worked at Awasu Design on future-vision design projects for clients like Wells Fargo, HP, Flurry, Ancestry, and Fox Sports. In her non-tech time, Courtney swims with San Francisco Tsunami swim team and regularly posts top times. She enjoys fine wines and cheeses, and takes it upon herself to know the weekday lunch menu as far in advance as possible.

Tunay Gür

Tunay came to Namo Media from Google, where he worked on making search harder better faster stronger. He has also made appearances at Apple and Microsoft, and in a previous life he designed autopilot software for airplanes. When Tunay isn't suffering from a case of the knack that was diagnosed when he was a kid, you can find him winning soccer championships, boarding the slopes at Heavenly, or hand-making candles from natural beeswax.

Owen McCumber

Before joining Namo Media, Owen was involved with several leading ad-tech companies, including CBS SportsLine, NexTag,, and AOL's, as well as J. Walter Thompson Technologies. In his spare time, you can find Owen at local and family sporting events, on one of California's many golf courses, or wine tasting.